Engineered and Built for Mission Critical Facilities

E+I Engineering’s UL1558 brings together the standard components and circuit breakers from the leading manufacturers to deliver a solution that meets individual client requirements. The standard design of UL1558 switchgear facilitates expedited manufacturing and delivery time allowing end users to meet tight deadlines.


Type tested arc prevention busbar systems

Available in ratings up to 1000A with a proven short circuit rating of 200kAIC

Incorporation of life safety protection relays and interlocks

Seismically tested and certified

Close coupled transformer


Fully extendable modular system with reduced footprint designs including high density device stacking

All access switchgear for ease of installation and maintenance

Incorporation of in-house PLC programming and energy monitoring equipment

Component and metering options from all leading manufacturers


Rated Voltage

Up to 600V

Rated current (A)

Up to 10000A

Rated Peak Withstand Current (kA)

Up to 100kA

Rated Short-time Withstand (1s) (kA)

Up to 85kA

Circuit Breaker