Remote Power Panels


Observe and control energy usage across your system

Boasting the highest level of performance and protection for your equipment, E+I Engineering’s custom designed RPP will minimize the amount of floor space needed and reduce operating costs. The modular RPP has been engineered to grow with your facility, allowing for future expansion of the system where necessary.


Units can be placed back to back to create a 24″ x 24″ RPP with full isolation between sides

Branch circuit monitoring available with support for multiple platforms

All components are accessible for ease of maintenance

Units can be stand alone, wall mounted or attached to server cages


The use of large phase separation and close coupled transient suppression equipment ensures system security.

Integrated static transfer switches ensure a changeover to alternate supply within 5 – 10msecs

Designed to grow with your facility allowing for future expansion where necessary.

Monitoring system has a user-friendly color touchscreen with revenue grade accuracy


Input/ output voltage



3 phase, 4 wire plus ground


Black sand finish. Optional colors are available

Enclosure rating