Electrical distribution within industrial facilities

E+I Engineering’s Medium Voltage Segregated and Non Segregated Phase Powerbar is typically used in power stations and industrial applications for lower and medium capacity generator connections. MV Segregated and Non Segregated Phase Powerbar can also be used for interconnections between switchgear panels and for switchgear to transformer connections. MV Segregated Phase Powerbar is available from 3.6kV to 36kV. MV Non Segregated Phase Powerbar is available from 660V to 12kV.

  • Available in ratings from 1000A – 5000A
  • Conductors are housed in an aluminium casing with Ingress Protection of IP54/ IP55
  • Conductors are engineered from high conductivity copper/ aluminium
  • Busbar and all joint surfaces are tin plated as standard
  • Aluminium housing eliminates the risk of hysteresis loss on the system
  • Busbars are securely supported on insulators to withstand the rated short time current
  • Modular structure allows for further expansion of the system if necessary
  • Joints are covered by a pre-formed, flame boot to provide full insulation of the system. These boots are easily removed for inspection and maintenance of the joints
  • Fiber Reinforced Polymer insulators provide support for the conductor and are arranged to ensure the correct clearances in air between each pole and the grounded enclosure