Busbar Trunking Systems by E+I Engineering

Powerbar is E+I Engineering’s patented range of busbar trunking, designed to deliver power to electrical loads. The development of Powerbar complements E+I Engineering’s switchgear range to provide a complete power distribution solution. Powerbar products are built with patented processes that ensure it is the most reliable form of busbar trunking on the market.

High Powerbar – HPB

E+I Engineering’s High Powerbar provides a complete solution for transformer to main switchboard connections. HPB is available with a choice of either copper or aluminium busbars enclosed within a trunking. HPB can be used within a range of applications including distribution to low voltage switchboards and sub-distribution.

Medium Powerbar -MPB

E+I Engineering’s Medium Powerbar is a 3 phase 5 wire system, totally encased, nonventilated, air insulated busbar designed to deliver the power to medium size loads. The range is available with copper or aluminum conductors with ratings from 160A – 1250A.

Medium Voltage Segregated and Non Segregated Phase Powerbar – MVSPB & MVNSPB

Medium Voltage Segregated and Non Segregated Phase Powerbar compliments the High Powerbar range to offer electrical distribution within large industrial premises. MVSPB and MVNSPB provide a connection to the MV switchgear panels and transformers.

Intelligent Medium Powerbar – iMPB

E+I Engineering’s Intelligent Medium Powerbar is a unique open channel busway system. iMPB has been specifically designed for use within data centre facilities where security and flexibility of electrical distribution is paramount. iMPB has patented features to increase the safety of the installer and the user.

Cast Resin Powerbar – CRPB

Cast Resin Powerbar is a maintenance free busbar for use in outdoor, hazardous or life safety applications. CRB is available with a choice of copper or aluminium conductors. Cast Resin Powerbar is manufactured from a unique epoxy resin, developed in house by E+I Engineering engineers.