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Types of Modular Design Used in Data Centres

Modular Fabrication is increasingly becoming the preferred method of infrastructure build for data centres due to the many benefits associated with it. Each pre-fabricated modular data centre is made up of at least one pre-engineered, factory-integrated and pre-tested assembly of subsystems, which is either then mounted onto a skid or placed within an enclosure. The form of modular design used will be based largely on the requirements of the data centre as this will impact how the infrastructure is transported and where it can be placed.

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6 Ways Modular Power Fabrication can benefit your Data Centre

E+I Engineering can install a typical 2.5MW modular power skid in 20% of the time required for a conventional installation. Find out why more data centre engineers are adopting this method of power distribution.

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Does Modular Data Centre Construction really save time?

The Modular Data Centre construction market was valued at $17.67bn in 2019 and is set to reach a value of $73.53bn by 2025. Although the expected growth is significant, it comes as no surprise as data consumption continues to surge, calling for an increased ability to efficiently scale up data centre capacity.

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