A maintenance contract from E+I Engineering will ensure the reliability of your installations in the long term and help you mitigate the risks associated with the continued operation of electrical distribution systems.

All E+I Engineering equipment is protected by a twelve month guarantee. An additional maintenance plan can be purchased to ensure that your equipment continues to operate with maximum efficiency and performance.

E+I Engineering work with clients to develop the appropriate strategy for your power system and to ensure maximum safeguards against equipment failure. We provide technical support and maintenance on the complete range of E+I Engineering products as well as on systems produced by all third party suppliers.

We have a fully flexible approach to suit each client’s requirements and minimise the impact on your business.

24 Hour Telephone Support

One of our engineers will help you to diagnose your equipment issue immediately to minimise disruption and restore service as soon as possible.

4 Hour Emergency Response

In the event of a critical failure we can have an engineer on site within 4 hours of receiving the initial call

EMS/PMS Service & Back-up

E+I Engineering offer a complete service package for EMS installations. This ensures that system components (servers/clients/networks/PLC’s etc.) are fully backed up. Our EMS support also includes application of recommended software patches, data historization and software support.

Non-Intrusive Live Service and Fully Isolated Intrusive Service

A sustainable preventative maintenance strategy will help to avoid unexpected breakdowns through early detection of defects and failing equipment. We offer a non-intrusive maintenance service for switchgear panels. This involves cleaning and testing of live equipment. More in-depth/intrusive maintenance of switchgear can be carried out during a planned shutdown.

Circuit Breaker Maintenance

E+I Engineering’s service engineers have many years’ experience working on all types of ACB’s, MCCB’s, OCB’s, VCB’s and SF6 CB’s. We carry out services on these life safety/protective components to ensure their longevity. A circuit breaker maintenance plan includes a full service of all mechanical operating parts as well as full testing of any on-board trip units.

Transformer inspection

Transformer Inspection & Service

Our transformer maintenance service offer a complete health check on HV/MV/LV transformers. This includes insulation power factor testing, excitation current tests, capacitance checks, winding resistance, and sweep checks. We can also check oil levels, test oil condition and replace where necessary.

Battery Test and Replacement

We carry out checks on your onsite battery units (UPS and battery tripping packs) to ensure these critical supplies are in full working order should it become necessary to use them.

Thermal Image Survey

Thermal image surveys can determine the presence of potential problems within your electrical distribution system without the need to isolate circuits. Full thermographic reports are issued following completion of the survey.

Customer Maintenance Portal

E+I Engineering maintenance contract customers have access to a unique online portal for storage of all maintenance related documentation including all service reports, surveys, equipment drawings, RAMS etc.

Retro-fits and Modifications

E+I Engineering’s project engineers can design bespoke solutions for new and retro-fit/ modifications of existing switchgear panels up to 17.5kV.

Critical Spares

E+I Engineering maintain stocks of critical components that may be necessary in a breakdown situation. Maintenance contract customers will have quick access to these spare parts. We can also advise on recommended stock for site.

Customer Training

It is important for on-site personnel to understand switching sequences and emergency procedures for switchgear. Our expert engineers can provide bespoke training on any switchgear systems to ensure that this critical knowledge is kept up to date.