iMPB Open Channel Busway Available in 1000A


Introducing E+I engineering’s new and improved IEC certified Intelligent Medium Powerbar – Now available with a current rating of up to 1000A.

E+I Engineering’s Intelligent Medium Powerbar is an open channel busway with a proven track record of supplying efficient and reliable power for high density applications in mission critical environments. iMPB has the highest level of safety of any overhead busbar product on the market with tap off boxes fitted using a unique ‘earth first, break last’ safety feature as well as a built-in interlock to ensure that polarities cannot mismatch. The open channel busway allows tap off boxes to be inserted at any point along the busbar – This flexibility ensures that power can easily be added to any location in the data centre.

The new 1000A iMPB product, designed to meet the ever-increasing high-power distribution demands within mission critical environments, supplies more power than ever before within the same zero footprint design – Helping to maximise availability within the white space. This 1000A iMPB product is engineered for maximum efficiency with the users safety in mind and features an enhanced short circuit withstand rating which reduces the risk of arc flash, leading to safer operating conditions. As a result, there is a minimised risk of costly downtime which can have a detrimental impact in mission critical environments.

If you are interested in finding out more about how E+I engineering’s 1000A iMPB open channel busway could work within your power distribution system get in touch today via [email protected]

iMPB open channel busway