iMPB eCatalog


Design, select and download high quality product data directly into your iMPB projects

E+I Engineering’s new CAD and BIM ecatalog allows users access to the data they need to complete their project. Whether you are a design engineer, contractor or consultant, this tool provides detailed product data on the full range of iMPB products.

The advanced search and configuration capabilities allow users to find, compare and select which products meet the project demands. Product specifications, drawings and CAD models can be downloaded in a range of formats for easy integration into a 3D model of your project.

E+I Engineering’s iMPB eCatalog is easy to use and will help reduce engineering hours. Choose the exact products you require to generate a high quality and detailed model on demand.


– Complete iMPB product details and performance characteristics
– Light-weight BIM models in the smallest file package
– 3D viewer for rotatable views
– Easy navigation to browse through database
– Direct links to revit and cadmep family files for quick downloads
– Download custom sales drawings for your submittal