Engineers Week 2019

Engineers week

E+I Engineering are supporting Engineers Week 2019. An excellent week-long festival dedicated to celebrating Ireland’s Engineering Industry.

Activities are co-ordinated across the country in schools/ colleges and businesses throughout the week to encourage young people to consider a career in engineering. The week-long celebration is coordinated by Engineer Ireland’s STEPS team and the aims of the week are to:

  1. Encourage young people, their teachers and parents to explore the fun world of engineering.
  2. Generate interest and enthusiasm for engineering in their everyday lives.
  3. Inspire young people to explore engineering career paths.
  4. Highlight the diverse opportunities engineering offers.

Why is Engineering Week Important?

From the alarm clock that wake us up in the morning to the lights we switch off at night, engineering is a huge part of our everyday lives. However, not enough young people, especially young girls are expressing an interest in Engineering as a future career. According to the Engineering 2019 report, approximately 94% of engineering employers surveyed consider a shortage of engineers to be a barrier to growth. As the demand for engineers in Ireland continues to increase, E+I Engineering in collaboration with other engineering firmsand educators have a duty to tackle this skill shortage by informing young people of the endless career opportunities and positive contributions that can be made within engineering.

Getting Involved

This week, teams from E+I Engineering took part in Engineers Week events at LYIT and St Marys College,Derry. Our engineers demonstrated our innovative products and provided students with an insight into the careers available within E+I Engineering.

To get involved in Engineers Week 19 visit