Monitor, control and optimise the efficiency of your electrical systems

E+I Engineering offer a complete energy management system for any size of project. All energy management systems are built to client’s specifications and ensure compliance with all applicable standards and regulations. An energy management system will lead to improved productivity and a reduction in energy costs. E+I Engineering’s energy management systems can be fully integrated with a range of third party hardware to give a complete system overview.

Energy Management System

An EMS monitors and analyses the electrical flow within a building. E+I Engineering’s EMS provides the data to increase operational efficiency whilst meeting energy saving targets and reducing costs. E+I Engineering’s EMS is designed for use within utility, commercial and industrial facilities.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

A SCADA is a highly reliable control and monitoring system that operates by sending coded signals across an installation’s communication network. E+I Engineering’s SCADA is used in tandem with a PLC to offer system wide monitoring capabilities along with control of circuit breakers and many other devices.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

E+I Engineering’s DCIM solution presents data from multiple global sites on a single user friendly platform. Users are presented with critical system data in real-time, giving data center managers reliable and actionable information from any global location.