Transportable modular power skids

E+I Engineering’s pre-fabricated switchrooms offer a complete turnkey package where space limitations require a ready made external solution. The switchrooms are commissioned in our factories, leading to significant time savings on site. We have completed pre-fabricated switchroom solutions for a range of projects including a roof top data center installation and a roof top GRP enclosure.

  • Each switchroom incorporates all necessary componenets including switchgear, transformers, UPS, lighting, power, heating, fire alarm etc.
  • The switchgroom is fully tested prior to delivery to site
  • Pre-fabricated switchrooms can be installed and commissioned within hours of arrival on site
  • Aesthetic designs to blend into the existing buildings
  • Skid solution for mounting switchgear, UPS, battery racks and all interconnecting cables and busbar trunking
  • Internal arc fault design
  • Type-tested switchgear compliant to all relevant specifications
  • Flexibility of system to integrate necessary components
  • No need for interruption of power supply during maintenance works