Modular Power Solutions


Delivering large amounts of power within a small footprint.

E+I Engineering’s modular power solutions offer a complete turnkey package for data centres. Fully assembled switchgear, UPS systems and PDU electrical schemes are engineered, built and tested in our controlled manufacturing facilities, ready to be installed on site as a complete unit. The modular unit can be commissioned on site in a matter of days, providing a complete data centre power distribution system in an efficient manner, causing minimal disruption to operations.

E+I offer the following forms of modular power solution.

Open Frame Skids

  • Open structure platform for mounting electrical switchgear
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Raised floor access or low-profile skids available
  • Can support a higher capacity of power than enclosures as they are not subject to the same space limitations


  • Includes, ISO containers as well as cladded, GRP and steel enclosures
  • Complete building structures to protect electrical infrastructure from the external environment.
  • Can be suitable for outdoor use, depending on weather rating
  • Facilitates data centre upscaling where indoor space limitations exist


Results Infographic



Mounted switchgear, UPS, battery racks and all interconnecting cables and busbar trunking

Aesthetic designs to blend into the existing buildings

Internal arc fault design

Type-tested switchgear compliant to all relevant specifications

Flexibility of system to integrate necessary components as and when needed.

No need for interruption of power supply during maintenance works.


E+I Engineering’s modular power solutions are engineered to meet the exact operational needs of our clients. This gives customers the flexibility to upscale gradually as and when the power is required

Due to the modular design and o¬ff site build, deployment speeds on site can be up to 60% faster than traditional deployment methods.

Customers do not have to invest large amounts of capital upfront for power that is not yet needed as systems can be expanded as the requirement for power grows.

All modular power solutions undergo factory acceptance testing within a controlled factory environment before being shipped to site – reducing the need to carry out further detailed testing on site

Reduced risk of on-site damage as installation happens off site.

Less safety risk during the installation phase due to an 84% reduction in site man hours required


Modular Power Fabrication Brochure


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