Critical Power Technology Solutions

E+I Engineering have set the standard for electrical switchgear throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.
Switchgear products are custom built in production facilities in Ireland, USA and UAE. E+I Engineering offer a single source MV - LV switchgear solution allowing clients to take a fully integrated approach to power distribution.
low voltage switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear

E+I Engineering manufacture the most compact type tested LV switchgear assemblies in Europe. All LV switchgear is custom built using a modular design that can be configured to suit site requirements. In house metalwork fabrication and paintwork facilities ensure that E+I Engineering can deliver an on time solution for any specification.

Medium Voltage Switchgear

E+I Engineering offer a single sourced MV-LV solution in conjunction with chosen partners in medium voltage switchgear manufacturing.  All MV switchgear is developed in house and E+I Engineering retain the flexibility to design and implement customer specific protection schemes and interlocking requirements.

Package Substations

Package substations provide a compact and enclosed power solution housed within a ventilated enclosure. Using an approved choice of European transformers and MV switchgear manufacturers, E+I Engineering have engineered a range of customised and compact package substations available up to 4MVA.

Power Distribution Units & Remote Power Panels

E+I Engineering’s industry leading PDU’s and RPP’s offer resilient and tailored configurations within critical load applications to deliver and monitor power securely and intelligently. E+I Engineering have the flexibility to incorporate specified components to deliver a specification compliant solution.

Panelboards & Distribution Boards

E+I Engineering manufacture a comprehensive range of standard or custom built panelboards and distribution boards.  These products are available to facilitate sub distribution and final distribution requirements. This range completes E+I Engineering’s portfolio of products for an inclusive electrical distribution solution.

Pre-Fabricated Switchrooms

E+I Engineering’s pre-fabricated switchrooms provide an alternative to the traditional in-house approach where space limitations require a ready-made external resolution. Each switchroom is engineered and fitted out off-site to meet every element of specification. The switchroom is tested prior to delivery to site, and can be commissioned within hours of its arrival.