E+I Engineering Introduces MV Switchgear Range

MV switchgear

In addition to using MV switchgear provided by ABB, Schneider and Hawker Siddeley, E+I Engineering now offer a range of MV switchgear powered by Eaton technology.

E+I Engineering’s MV switchgear controls and protects medium voltage power equipment across a range of industries including critical power, mining, airports and industrial and commercial facilities.

E+I Engineering’s new MV switchgear offer includes FM-xGear single busbar switchgear and xGear withdrawable switchgear. Powered by Eaton technology, the panels have been designed to simplify the installation process, minimise maintenance requirements and offer low environmental impact. By significantly reducing the operating costs, FM-xGear and xGear offer a viable alternative to SF6 MV equipment.

E+I Engineering’s FM-xGear is a single busbar solid and air insulated switchgear panel available in ratings up to 24kV. FMX integrates proven technologies including vacuum testing and electromagnetic mechanisms into a slimline design to create a product that is suitable for use in main feeder stations, sub-distribution systems and data centres.

xGear panels have been engineered for use in applications where withdrawable switchgear is required. E+I Engineering’s xGear incorporates vacuum switching which offers reliable, maintenance-free operation and cast resin insulation which provides excellent control of electric fields and eliminates the risk of internal arcs.

The xGear and FM-xGear range completes E+I Engineering’s switchgear portfolio allowing customers to work with one expert supplier on all aspects of a power distribution project.