Earn While You Learn with E+I Engineering’s Bursary Fund

As part of our commitment to supporting the future engineering workforce, E+I Engineering intend to provide a bursary fund for students interested in pursuing a third level course in Electrical Engineering.

A key issue facing the engineering industry in Ireland is the skill gap. The lack in uptake of engineering subjects at third level is resulting in a shortage of engineering graduates entering the job market. Without a steady stream of newly qualified workers, the industry is set to experience difficulty in fulfilling demand in the future. To help combat the skill shortage and attract more new talent to the industry, E+I Engineering are offering;

An award of £2,500 (€3000) each academic year to support 3 students in the 2021 enrolment to University.

The bursary will also include an Internship Programme where students can work in the Company during the summer or where work experience is required throughout the duration of their course

Learn more about current E+I Engineering employee Reece McClintocks experience of E+I Engineering’s Bursary Scheme. 

Reece McClintock – Previous Bursary Scheme Recipient

  1. What was your degree subject? 
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  2. What is your current job role within E+I Engineering?
    Project Engineer
  3. What attracted you to apply for E+I Engineering’s Bursary Scheme?
    The main attraction for me was having guaranteed work experience throughout the scheme. Being given the opportunity to work in the summer months during university and undertaking my 1 year university work placement with the company was invauluable to my future career in engineering.
  4. How beneficial was the experience gained through E+I Engineering’s Bursary Scheme for your career?
    The work experience guaranteed with the Bursary scheme allowed me to practice the skills I was learning at University through real engineering projects in a manufacturing environment. Additionally as I had many months/years of experience working for the company throughout my time at university, when I secured a full time role with E+I Engineering following graduation, I already had a strong foundation of knowledge and experience to build on and allow me to progress in my role within the company.
  5. How many years since participating in the Bursary Scheme have you worked with E+I Engineering?
    I started my Project Engineer role in 2018, so 3 years currently working at E+I Engineering as a permenant employee

Details on how to apply can be found below. Applications close Friday  30th July 2021

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