BIM Content


The BIM process has revolutionised the construction and engineering industries playing a critical role in the improvement of project efficiency. E+I Engineering are committed to supporting our clients by providing direct access to product specific busbar BIM content for our patented Powerbar range. Our intelligent BIM libraries are maintained and updated to reflect all product changes to ensure complete accuracy in planning.


BSI Accredited BIM content

E+I Engineering are the first busbar manufacturer to be accredited with the new BSI kitemark for BIM. BS 8541 recognises best practice in the management and production of BIM objects and associated product data in accordance with BS 8541-1, BS 8541-3 and BS 8541 – 4.

Using our BIM Content

Our Manufacturer specific busbar models can be accessed from our online BIM portal and directly placed into a 3D BIM environment.  Easy to insert and modify to produce accurate and efficient plans, containment drawings and bills of quantities to form a fully integrated overall project.

E+I Engineering’s high-quality digitised BIM data is available in a range of formats including Revit & DWG for ease of use.



Save Time

By using our manufacturer specific BIM objects in your initial design model, you create a more streamlined process where models are created using accurate information, leading to faster approval times and an earlier start to production.

Improved co-ordination

The BIM process provides a new level of transparency combining all aspects of the construction project, enabling stakeholders to co- ordinate their plans more efficiently.

Save Money

Busbar is one of the most costly products fitted in a construction project. By using our intelligent BIM content at an early stage of the design process you can accurately plan your busbar route before elements such as plumbing are planned in. This reduces the number of bespoke busbar configurations required to fit the space; In turn saving money.

Improved Lifecycle

BIM doesn’t just transform the way we design, plan and build it also transforms the way we manage facilities throughout their life span. The increased visibility achieved through BIM creates efficiencies in space management, maintenance, safety and energy analysis.