E+I Engineering are committed to supporting our clients by providing direct access to our comprehensive BIM library. Architects, contractors, engineering consultants and others are able to directly place specific items into a 3D BIM environment to produce accurate and efficient plans, containment drawings and bills of quantities to form a fully integrated overall project.

E+I Engineering provide high quality digitized data, available in a range of formats. Our intelligent BIM libraries are maintained and updated to reflect any changes in the products.

High Powerbar

HPB is E+I Engineering’s busbar range used for the distribution of high power. The range is available from 800A – 6600A with multiple bar configurations to suit specific project requirements. High Powerbar is available with either copper or aluminium conductors.

Intelligent Medium Powerbar

iMPB is an industry leading open channel busbar system engineered for use in the data center and other mission critical environments. iMPB is the safest open-channel busbar system on the market and has been designed to provide flexible, intelligent rack power distribution.

Cast Resin Powerbar

Cast Resin Powerbar is an IP68 rated busbar system for use in outdoor solutions and other hostile environments. Cast Resin Powerbar is resistant to fire, water, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

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