Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition


Collect data and remotely control electrical equipment

E+I Engineering’s SCADA is a highly reliable control and monitoring system. A SCADA is a highly reliable control and monitoring system that operates by sending coded signals across an installation’s communication network.

E+I Engineering’s SCADA is used in tandem with a Programmable Logic Controller to offer system wide monitoring capabilities and control of remote equipment throughout a facility. A SCADA can be built on a standalone server or with an additional level of redundancy to meet all client requirements.


Bespoke graphical interfaces display data for the entire power distribution system and for each individual switchboard

Alarm and event notifications can be sent via email or text message.

Reports can be generated using predefined system templates or by using client-specific custom templates.

Secure web logins allow access to the system from a remote location.


Improving efficiency and decreasing wasted energy consumption can lead to substantial cost savings.

Energy management system can help you to streamline and optimise your electrical systems by uncovering maintenance or upgrades that are needed in order to boost performance.

EMS monitoring capabilities provide real-time analysis to increase productivity. The software will send alerts to potential capacity bottlenecks allowing you to act before an outage.

EMS systems identify wasted resources and allow for better allocation of power – reducing any negative impact on the environment.


Energy Management Systems