Electrical Energy Monitoring System


Monitoring and analysing electrical supply

E+I Engineering’s EMS monitors and analyses the electrical flow within a building to provide a more in-depth analysis of the electrical network. Data is collected from electricity meters and presented as actionable information that helps to meet energy saving targets and reduce costs.

E+I Engineering’s EMS is designed for use within utility, commercial and industrial facilities. A dedicated EMS is essential in any installation that is required to comply with any government energy regulations.


Alarms can be configured to notify the user of any system issues that have arisen.

Billing features can be utilised by landlords to monitor individual tenant usage and apply associated costs to these.

System status reports can be generated using either predefined report templates or client specific custom reports.

Web access can be granted to allow access to the system from a remote location.


Improving efficiency and decreasing wasted energy consumption can lead to substantial cost savings

Energy management system can help you to streamline and optimise your electrical systems by uncovering maintenance or upgrades that are needed in order to boost performance

EMS monitoring capabilities provide real-time analysis to increase productivity. The software will send alerts to potential capacity bottlenecks allowing you to act before an outage.

EMS systems identify wasted resources and allow for better allocation of power – reducing any negative impact on the environment.


Energy Management Systems